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Flying To Shanghai With American Airlines

See the dynamic face of 21st-century China with an American Airlines flight to Shanghai. Contemplate the colonial grandeur of The Bund as locals perform morning tai chi, and rise above Pudong's forest of skyscrapers in the Jin Mao Tower when you fly to Shanghai with American Airlines.

Visit the Bund on the banks of the Huangpu River

As the first rays make Pudong financial district's skyscrapers glitter, locals gather here for early morning tai chi. The mile-long promenade is lined with grand colonial buildings like the clock-topped Customs House and the neoclassical HSBC Building – don't miss the dome's mosaic murals.

Zoom to the 88th floor of the cloud-piercing Jin Mao

A fun family activity is to pick out the surrounding landmarks, from the silver World Financial Center to the bauble-like Oriental Pearl Tower. Sip drinks above the skyline at Cloud 9 lounge.

Nanjing Lu, Shanghai's fashion-mad, gadget-crazy boulevard

By day the three-mile boulevard teems with shoppers, who browse the malls and traditional stores for designer clothes, jewelry, silk, jade, watches – you name it. Return by night for a neon-lit wonderland of billboards and open-air bars.

See Yu Yuan Garden

A beautiful retreat with its carp-filled ponds, ornate rockeries and Ming dynasty pavilions. Spring means clouds of cherry blossom and magnolia trees in bloom. Arrive early in the morning to beat the crowds and allow time for fragrant jasmine tea and sticky rice dumplings at the Mid-Lake Pavilion Teahouse.

Traces China's past in artifacts at the Shanghai Museum

The ring-shaped building harbors a stellar collection that unravels Chinese history from Neolithic times to today. Jade, ceramics, calligraphy, Chinese bronzes and silk scroll paintings are among the treasures on display. We recommend arriving early to beat the lines.

Book your flight to Shanghai with American Airlines today to see some of Shanghai's best attractions.

More Things to Do in Shanghai

Travel with American Airlines off the beaten path to discover more things to do in Shanghai. Daily life here is fascinating: whether you're chowing down on steamed dumplings, sidestepping live chickens in the Old City's Wet Market, or sipping a café au lait in French Concession. American will be with you every step of the way.

Eat dumplings at Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant

Wait in line with the hungry locals for the famous crab roe and pork xiaolong bao (steamed dumplings). Served in bamboo baskets, these delicious, broth-filled buns are eaten carefully with chopsticks. The long line out front guarantees you're in the right place.

Hang out with the hip crowd in French Concession

This is Shanghai's fancy French-flavored neighborhood. Here plane trees arch gracefully across avenues lined with cafés, patisseries and Art Deco mansions. Browse the city's most chic fashion boutiques and people-watch in creative restaurants and chandelier-lit cocktail bars.

Fly a kite with the family on People's Square

On breezy days, we like to join locals to send a dragon, butterfly, lion or hawk kite soaring. Dotted with flower beds and fountains, the neatly tended lawns are spectacularly set against a backdrop of gleaming skyscrapers.

See daily life unfold at the Old City's Wet Market

Listen for the market sellers' cries as you take a morning walk through this bustling market. In the narrow streets you'll find clucking chickens, slippery eels and flapping fish alongside eggs, piles of fresh vegetables and Chinese fruits. Stock up or just observe the action.

Seek respite in Longhua Temple

Buddhist monks in saffron robes drift across the tree-shaded courtyard to the octagonal, seven-tiered pagoda. Dating to A.D. 247, the temple is Shanghai's oldest, largest and most active. Be dazzled by its 500 golden Buddhist statues. In striking contrast, Longhua Park (of which the Temple is a part) is speckled with grandiose Communist-era sculptures. We like it in spring, when the trees are a mass of pink peach blossom.

Book a flight to Shanghai with American Airlines today to discover more things to do in Shanghai.

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