Modern Slavery Report

Combating modern slavery and human trafficking

Millions of people trust American to care for them on life’s journey. We fly over borders, walls and stereotypes to bring people together and connect people, cultures and commerce worldwide. Unfortunately, making the world a smaller place can come with the risk of exploitation by human traffickers. The breadth of products and services American procures across its global supply chain may also expose the company to modern slavery risk.

As a global airline, we recognize our unique role and responsibility to combat human trafficking, modern slavery and child exploitation. We embrace this responsibility by maintaining a comprehensive human trafficking and modern slavery prevention program. American’s program comprises four essential elements: (1) policies and due diligence processes addressing human trafficking and modern slavery; (2) team member training to identify and report suspected human trafficking and forced labor; (3) internal accountability and reporting mechanisms to report suspected human trafficking, forced labor, or other activity inconsistent with our Standards of Business Conduct, and; (4) external engagement and collaboration with government agencies, industry partners and non-government organizations.

Review our Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Report to learn more about American’s programs and initiatives to combat modern slavery and human trafficking.

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